Stevens Lawson Headland House

The below property is a beach home located on a headland on Waiheke Island. The house, designed by Stevens Lawson architects is made up of three curved, timeber-clad pod forms. The windows of the pods frame scenes from the dramatic 270 degree views on offer from the property. The architect has described the house as having “an organic layout resembling pebbles scattered on the beach”. It was designed with a sense of mystery in mind along with the owners wanting the home to be unpretentious. Take a look!



Harry – A.N.Z


Fearon Hay Island House

This is one of my all time favourite houses by the amazing architect Fearon Hay from Auckland, New Zealand. The concrete and glass building palette is made up of a series of buildings for which create a sheltered central courtyard (ideal for the properties exposed location on Waiheke Island). The following images will say the rest!


Harry – A.N.Z