Ponting Fitzgerald Westmere House

First post in a LONG time – I have been overseas for 5 months so my priorities had shifted, but I’m back in New Zealand now and ready to get back to posting!

This following house is a few houses down the road from me, and I have always admired it since it was completed a few years ago. The house doesn’t look too large in photos but it is absolutley huge in real life, with a living area of 8700sqf (along with a ratings valuation of $11,000,000 – Auckland is not a cheap city for housing!!)

This house is largely made up of concrete, cedar, glass and oak flooring. There is also an ongoing theme of water throughout the house (as the pictures will show). The flow of water throughout the home leads outside to the cliff edge infinity pool. This property truly is a large scale sculpture curated through the minds of its owners and the architect. Outdoors seamlessly flow to indoor living spaces, perfect for entertaining on a large scale.

This is all I will leave the writing part as for this post – the pictures can tell a better description than I ever could!














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Clifton Hill House by Wilson and Hill

This particular architect has some stunning homes within their portfolio, however I chose this particular house as I remember seeing it in a spread upon its completion, I was then horrified to see photos of it partly collapsed in the news paper due to the Christchurch earthquake in 2011 (only just after its completion). It was a stunning home on a stunning site with expansive views. Visitors were wowed upon arrival and crossed a huge walk bridge to reach the entry of the large house, the layout was constructed in a way that created sheltered external areas due to the exposed location of the property. All living spaces and bedrooms were accessed from a large central 3 level gallery and atrium. Take a look below!