Congreve House Auckland

The following house is possibly one of the most known homes in all of New Zealand. Designed by Cheshire architects and far ahead of its time when completed in 1992, it has won an astonishing amount of awards (including the top home in New Zealand in 2001). The enormous home sits on a cliff top section facing the Hauraki Gulf and Rangitoto Island. The home was built for a couple who collected some of top artworks in the world and therefore they constructed their home in to a piece of art to display their collection. 2000 tonnes of concrete,wood and stainless steel were used in its construction. I could keep writing about the amazing property but the pictures will say more (some better pictures were available when it was last for sale, but they are long gone now)!



Harry – A.N.Z


Poynder Ave House by Sheppard and Rout

For this next house, I had to hunt high and low for some pictures and only managed to come up with a few unfortunately! The home designed by Sheppard and Rout architects was featured on an architecture TV programme a while a go for winning an architectural excellence award. The photos don’t particularly do the house justice, as in reality it is far larger then it looks and also has far more stunning architectural features. Any who, I spent quite a while hunting down photos, so thought I would post it anyway as it is an amazing property!



Harry – A.N.Z