Sumich Chaplin Parnell House

I have loved this $12,000,000 cliff top home located in Auckland’s Parnell since I first saw it on the architects web site a few years back. The house was designed so that the astonishing views would slowly unravel to you upon entering the home. It is built around a series of wowing courtyards and outdoor spaces in order to keep the indoor outdoor flow of the house prominent. The best part is on the seaward side where an infinity edge pool containing a gazebo island is cantilevered out over the edge of the cliff. I will also note that underneath where you see the pool and lawn is, there are a series of bedroom and lounges that jet out over the cliff.


Harry – A.N.Z


Julian Guthrie Karahu Beach House

This Julian Guthrie designed beach house in Omaha, New Zealand, switches around the concept of conventional living and has the main living on the top level with sleeping below – this is to ensure maximisation of the stunning sea views on offer. On the lower level, sliding timber shutters provide the flexibility to open up or screen the house and inner courtyard with swimming pool. The house is made up of natural timbers, stone and rendered walls to provide warmth and texture appropriate to the coastal setting. The informal configuration of the space, and the seamless connection of interior to exterior creates a casual holiday atmosphere that allows the family and their guests to relax and enjoy the beach side setting.


Harry – A.N.Z

Poynder Ave House by Sheppard and Rout

For this next house, I had to hunt high and low for some pictures and only managed to come up with a few unfortunately! The home designed by Sheppard and Rout architects was featured on an architecture TV programme a while a go for winning an architectural excellence award. The photos don’t particularly do the house justice, as in reality it is far larger then it looks and also has far more stunning architectural features. Any who, I spent quite a while hunting down photos, so thought I would post it anyway as it is an amazing property!



Harry – A.N.Z

Lucerne by Daniel Marshall

The following house spans across a large cliff top section in Auckland with breath taking views of the Orakei basin and the harbour beyond. The primary concern for the homeowner was for the home to hold enough garaging for his extensive classic car collection, with this, the architect’s design response was to wrap the garaging around a central courtyard. The garage doors are detailed to disappear in to the adjoining cedar exterior. This are also incorporates the entry, conceived as a three level atrium that entices the visitor up to the living area and the stunning views. The curved edge of the infinity pool echoes the form of the Orakei basin and draws the sea view closer to the house.



Harry – A.N.Z

Parsonon’s Wairau Valley House

The following house built by Pasonon architects and completed in 2010 sits in stunningly with the South Island landscape in which it is set in. The house has a strong connection to the land spatially and materially. The multitude of spaces are housed beneath low sloping roofs which are pitched on solid, heavy lined concrete walls. These walls along with other structures are also used to define indoor and outdoor spaces. Motivate yourself with the following pictures!


Clifton Hill House by Wilson and Hill

This particular architect has some stunning homes within their portfolio, however I chose this particular house as I remember seeing it in a spread upon its completion, I was then horrified to see photos of it partly collapsed in the news paper due to the Christchurch earthquake in 2011 (only just after its completion). It was a stunning home on a stunning site with expansive views. Visitors were wowed upon arrival and crossed a huge walk bridge to reach the entry of the large house, the layout was constructed in a way that created sheltered external areas due to the exposed location of the property. All living spaces and bedrooms were accessed from a large central 3 level gallery and atrium. Take a look below!


Tauranga Headland House By Warren And Mahoney

The following property is a stunning property by Warren and Mahoney Architects. Jaw dropping in size at first glance, it soon becomes apparent that the house is separated in to separate wings for living and sleeping of which is centred on a large reflection pool and water feature. The limited material palette was deliberate, with the owners wanting to keep the focus of every room on the expansive sea views (only travertine marble, white plaster and timber are used externally and internally)…you be the judge of whether the views or the home itself is the main focus of this property!


Harry – A.N.Z